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MATH | Computer Science Student Resources
pls_btn8 Math Refresher: This brief overview covers useful high-school math you may have forgotten. Includes basic formulas for sinusoid and logarithmic functions, a discussion of log scales, and discrete probability. Includes a list of recommended inexpensive reference books. By William Stallings
pls_btn8 Number Systems: Decimal, binary, hexadecimal, with a discussion of conversion from one system to another. By William Stallings.
pls_btn8 Pronunciation of mathematical expressions: The pronunciations of the most common mathematical expressions are given. A useful guide for everyone, especially ESL students and professionals.
pls_btn8 Queuing Analysis: A practical guide to an essential tool for computer scientists. By William Stallings.
pls_btn8 Math Help: Get Free Math help and Free online Math tutoring. Master basic and advanced Math concepts and also get help with your Math homework from best Online Math tutor
pls_btn8 Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet: By Professor Steven Seiden. Ten pages of commonly used formulas and other useful information for computer scientists.
pls_btn8 Ask Dr. Math An excellent source of information on many math area. The emphasis is on high school math but college-level math is also covered.
pls_btn8 Applied Mathematics: Links to Math resources on the Web, organized by topic, plus by keyword search. The site also shows the level of mathematical background to read the materials.
pls_btn8 MathWorld: By the makers of Mathematica. Extensive, useful collection of information.
pls_btn8 Math Tables and Formulas: Tables featured include Trigonometric Identities, Derivatives, Indefinite Integrals, Common Integrals, and Binomial Coefficients and Formulas, among others. A search engine and links to other S.O.S. sites and the S.O.S. Mathematics Cyberboard (for posting questions) can also be found here.
pls_btn8 Math Reference Tables: Excellent collection of downloadable math tables.
pls_btn8 Prime Mathematics Encyclopedia: Large collection of entries on mathematical terms and concepts.
pls_btn8 Sage This computer algebra/computer mathematics package has the power and flexibility of Mathematica, Maple, or MATLAB. It is open source, free, and platform-independent. If you master one math package, this is the one to pick.

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