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HOW-TO | Computer Science Student Resources
Page last updated: 9/14/19

pls_btn8 How to Solve and Write Up Homework Problems: Helpful advice from Prof. Alan Sherman of the U. of Maryland, Baltimore County.
pls_btn8 Advice on Writing Technical Reports: Also from Prof. Alan Sherman.
pls_btn8 How to become a literature searching ninja: How to search the literature is examined and broken down into a useful, easy to follow process. I also recommend reading the comments as they too offer useful advice.
pls_btn8 Advice on Research and Writing: A collection of advice about how to do research and how to communicate effectively (primarily for computer scientists). Includes a number of good links.
pls_btn8 An Example of Proper Writing from a Student Research Paper. Interesting and useful example.
pls_btn8 How To Use Presentation Slides to Best Effect. From ACM Ubiquity, (April 15 - 21, 2008).
pls_btn8 Persuasive Writing. Concise and good advice. From ACM Ubiquity, (September 23 - 29, 2008).
pls_btn8 Richard Felder's Student Handouts: Some useful advice for students, including tips on test-taking.
pls_btn8 Study Skills A number of useful resources to help students improve their study skills.new3
pls_btn8 Effective Note Taking Discusses various methods of note-taking and review the range of available apps.
pls_btn8 Co-Authoring with a Professor This article is useful for any graduate student considering working with a professor on a project for publication. Strategies are given to help ensure the process is a smooth one.
pls_btn8 Patter. Excellent blog about writing the thesis, writing for a journal, and related matters.
pls_btn8 PhD2Published A huge resource on academic writing.
pls_btn8 How to Present a Paper in Theoretical Computer Science: By Professor Ian Parberry of U. of North Texas, SIGACT News, March 2000. Useful guide for any type of CS presentation.
pls_btn8 How to Write a Great Research Paper: By Simon Peyton Jones of Microsoft. Excellent advice.
pls_btn8 Oral Presentation Advice: How to give a good talk, how to give a bad talk.
pls_btn8 How to give a short talk: The type you would give at a technical conference.
pls_btn8 Efficient Reading of Papers in Science and Technology: This short brochure is well worth studying.
pls_btn8 How (and how not) to Write a Good Systems Paper: A classic paper you should read before writing for publication.
pls_btn8 How to Write a Paper: By Oded Goldreich. More good advice
pls_btn8 How To Read a Paper By Prof. S. Keshav of U. of Waterloo. Short and to the point.
pls_btn8 Active Reading. This page is designed to help you understand reading as an activity and help you become a more efficient and effective reader.
pls_btn8 Reading Strategies. A short article on reading strategies in general.
pls_btn8 How To Study A website with suggestions for students on how to study.new3
pls_btn8 College Student Study Skills Guide Another website with suggestions for students on how to study.
pls_btn8 How To Succeed in Graduate School. Good advice from Prof. Marie desJardins of U. of Maryland.
pls_btn8 Useful advice for PhD students. Worth reading.

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