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Page last updated: 2/27/20

pls_btn8 Computer Science Education Resource Guide: Good collection of resources.new3
pls_btn8 Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problems: Includes definitions, problem analysis, code samples, and in some cases animations.
pls_btn8 Cheat Sheets for Developers: A directory of free cheat sheets and quick reference cards for developers. Cheat sheets are a good resource for students for remembering syntax of the programming languages they are learning. Also covers a number of other computer science areas.
pls_btn8 Theoretical Computer Science: a free, community driven Q&A for theoretical computer scientists and researchers in related fields. You can browse existing questions and answers as well as post your own questions or provide answers to others.
pls_btn8 ACM Tech News: Provides timely information for IT professionals three times a week.
pls_btn8 Free Online Dictionary of Computing: An online glossary, with cross-referencing.
pls_btn8 PCMag Encyclopedia: An online dictionary of over 20,000 terms.
pls_btn8 TechTarget Dictionary: Another excellent source of definitions and brief explanations of IT-related terms.
pls_btn8 Techopedia Dictionary: Another excellent source of definitions and brief explanations of IT-related terms. Also includes links to related resources.
pls_btn8 Gartner IT Glossary: Yet another excellent source of definitions and brief explanations of computer-related terms.
pls_btn8 Electropedia: Comprehensive online electrical and electronic terminology database containing more than 20 000 terms and definitions.new3
pls_btn8 IT Acronyms: A useful list of over 3,000 technology terms.
pls_btn8 Acronym Finder: An general-purpose acronym list.
pls_btn8 Numerical Prefixes: The dual meanings of kilo, mega, etc.
pls_btn8 Conversion Factors: This document defines conversions from Imperial weights and measures, as used in the U.S., to the metric system (SI units).
pls_btn8 Unit and Base Conversion: Online tools for converting between different units and also for converting a number from one base to another.
pls_btn8 Conversion Web Site: Excellent collection of online converters of many different types.new3
pls_btn8 Metric conversions: Quick easy-to-use online conversion tool.
pls_btn8 Treasure Trove of Paper Summaries: Authored by various CS grad students. The summaries themselves are a useful guide into the literature. Also, they provide a good guide on how to write a report on a paper or book.

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