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HUMOR | Computer Science Student Resources
pls_btn8 The Best of Jaywalking: This will make you weep (and laugh) at the state of the US educational system.
pls_btn8 Secret Agent Dog
pls_btn8 The Impromptu Expert: This is real. Read the newspaper article first, then watch the video: cabbie
pls_btn8 Grand theft sled.
pls_btn8 joie de vivre. Rose may not be able to spell it, but she sure lives it.new3
pls_btn8 The cat as an intrusion prevention system.
pls_btn8 Hilariously Stupid Science Questions Round 1 Round 2 Round 3.
pls_btn8 Henri, Le Chat Noir. A world-weary, philosopher cat.
pls_btn8 Garrison Keillor. A social media lament.
pls_btn8 Trench warfare.
pls_btn8 The shell game. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.
pls_btn8 Scary metronome.
pls_btn8 Who's on First The classic Abbott and Costello comedy routine.
pls_btn8 Hu’s on The Phone Johnny Carson routine—a tribute to Abbott and Costello.
pls_btn8 The Bernards of Lasquite Island A blogger who posted a link to this video wrote “Not sure how other people conceive of heaven, but for me, I hope I get to be the kid in this video.” I’m inclined to agree.new3
pls_btn8 Cats in Sinks Maybe it's just me, but if I need a smile, I go to this site.
pls_btn8 Gardening Tips from a Man Who's Very Scared of Plants. This is the kind of video that you either find to be funny or not. Me, it cracks me up.
pls_btn8 A Lecture on Slapstick. Classic Dick Van Dyke on the art and history of slapstick.
pls_btn8 Quantitative Analysis. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.
pls_btn8 Brownian motion. On the macro level.
pls_btn8 Wake-up call for breakfast. Persistence and creativity required.
pls_btn8 The Linguist
pls_btn8 Medieval Tech Support Help Desk and Tech Support in the old days. Introduction to the new system:"The Book"
pls_btn8 Competition for Resources
pls_btn8 Where the Hell is Matt? Amazing, amusing trips around the world in less than 4 minutes.
pls_btn8 The latest generations of iPods One person who placed an online order for the iPod Invisa received an email from Apple stating that it too has already been discontinued
pls_btn8 A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates. This classic, first published Rand in 1955, was reissued in 2002. See Amazon for a lot of funny customer reviews. The original edition is online.
pls_btn8 TiddyBear I saw this advertisement in the middle of the night on cable TV and I thought that it was a joke. But, lo and behold it is the real deal.
pls_btn8 Words of wisdom from Yogi Berra
pls_btn8 What the Professor Really Means

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